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We design and produce lasts for men, women and children’s footwear. Combining the tradition of handmade last with the current digital process.


Spanish Company

Plas-last is a Spanish company. It was founded by Ramón Aguilera Martínez in 1995, however, he started in this sector back in 1962.

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The latest trends in lasts

3D Digital Modeling and Design

Custom Shoe Lasts

The latest trends in lasts

In the world of fashion, trends change rapidly. That is why at Plas-last we are always at the forefront of the latest footwear trends, to offer all fashion in lasts to our customers.

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3D Digital Modeling
and Design

We have the latest technology in digital design for the development of shoe lasts. It allows us to work with clients from anywhere in the world, this way, they can send us the design of their digital last if they wish. Thanks to the use of CAD / CAM design software, we can create virtual prototypes of each model. The DIGISCAN digitizer also allows us to scan lasts and directly generate a file ready for the production cycle. With all this, we achieve lasts with a high precision and quality finish.

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Shoe Lasts

We can customize the models of your lasts according to your preferences: the machining, the fittings or the accessories. The lasts can be articulated or not, with or without a block. They can also go on the sole without a steel plate, with a steel plate on the heel, middle plated, on the toe, or all plated.

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Responsible with
The Environment

Our recycling department’s function is to give new life to the plastic and metal waste from the last, thus contributing to the conservation of the planet. In addition, thanks to the installation of solar panels we are offsetting part of the energy consumption through solar self-consumption, reducing the CO2 emission derived from business activity.

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02. Modeling of handmade last

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