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At Plas-last we have been manufacturers of shoe lasts for decades. This long history has consolidated us as one of the leading companies of lasts in Alicante. We manufacture all types of lasts for footwear: shoes, boots, sandals, espadrilles, sports shoes, orthopaedics and much more.


Types of Shoe Lasts

There are different types of lasts for footwear according to their mechanism or removal system. At Plas-last you can find all kinds. Choose the type of last that best suits your needs.

tipos hormas calzado

Solid last

The smooth lasts are ideal for making sandals, as these can be easily removed.


V-cut hinged last

A hinge allows joint movement, which makes it easier to remove the shoe or boots once they are put together.

Reverse hinged last

The heel of the last slides up. This way, the shoe does not suffer any torsion. Ideal for flat or ankle-boot shoes.


Scooped, block last

The wedge consists of a piece anchored to the instep that can be removed. It is used mainly to put together boots and ankle boots.

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