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A sustainable future in footwear

At Plas-last we are committed to the mission of achieving an increasingly sustainable and environmentally friendly footwear industry. To do this, we carry out different practices, with the firm objective of making our contribution towards the cause.

futuro mas sostenible

We recycle all our lasts

We are conscious of living in a better world, at Plas-last we are involved in caring for the planet through the recycling of lasts. We have a recycling department, in charge of giving new life to plastic waste and metal accessories from lasts. We separate and recycle waste, reducing the impact on the environment.

Installation of solar panels to reduce the carbon footprint

We have started a project to install solar panels on our roof. Our goal is to offset part of our energy expenditure through solar self-consumption, as it is a clean and sustainable energy. The use of solar panels improves our carbon footprint by reducing the CO2 emission derived from our business activity. Working with us is walking towards sustainability. Are you up for it?

subvencion plaslast

Proyecto apoyado por la Consellería de Economía Sostenible, Sectores productivos, Comercio y trabajo, con la concesión de 2023 de una subvención de 48.860 € y proyecto: Modernización de fabricación de productos auxiliares del calzado.

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